Buckinghamshire Musculoskeletal Integrated Care Service
Buckinghamshire Musculoskeletal Integrated Care Service (MuSIC)

GRASP trial at Buckinghamshire MusIC

September 26 2019

GRASP, or “Getting it Right: Addressing Shoulder Pain”, is a national healthcare trial looking for the best ways to treat shoulder pain in people with a rotator cuff disorder. The aim of the trial is to recruit 704 men and women from across the UK with a rotator cuff problem and have them follow commonly used treatments to help guide and inform national guidelines for shoulder pain. The results of the trial will be available in August 2020.

At Buckinghamshire MusIC we believe it is essential to participate in national studies and offer the most evidence based approach to our patients. The trial was huge learning experience for our physiotherapists. We recruited 14 participants for the GRASP trial, and eagerly await the results.

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