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Patient decision aids

If you feel you need more support to make a decision about your treatment, your GP or health care professional can support you through the process.

Should I have a knee replacement?

Should I have a hip replacement?

Should I have carpal tunnel surgery?

Achilles Tendon Rupture: Should I Have Surgery?

ACL Injury: Should I Have Knee Surgery?

Arthritis: Should I Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

Arthritis: Should I Have Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Bunions: Should I Have Surgery?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Should I Have Surgery?

Dupuytren's Disease: Should I Have Hand Surgery?

Hammer, Claw, or Mallet Toe: Should I Have Surgery?

Meniscus Tear: Should I Have Surgery?

Rotator Cuff Problems: Should I Have Surgery?

Tennis Elbow: Should I Have Surgery?

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Your health provides advice on common musculoskeletal conditions, physio exercises and how to stay healthy and active.

Arthritis Research UK

Arthritis Research UK offers a range of advice and support for people living with all forms of arthritis.

Oxford Knee and Hip Score assessments

The Oxford Knee Score and Oxford Hip Score assessments can help you understand the level of pain you are experiencing and will provide you with a score that reflects the severity of your knee or hip problems to help you identify the treatment options that are right for you.

Patient leaflets

Achilles tendinopathy leaflet

Carpal tunnel syndrome leaflet

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis leaflet

Plantar fasciopathy leaflet

Tennis elbow leaflet

Steroid injection leaflet

Understanding lower back pain

TENS leaflet

Osteoarthritis of the carpometacarpal thumb joint

Useful videos

Murat Dalkilinç - 'The benefits of good posture'

Dr Jill Cook - '10 things not to do if you have a lower limb tendon problem'

'Cheshire and Merseyside Back Pain Help'

Prof. Peter O'Sullivan - 'Back pain - separating fact from fiction'

Dr Mike Evans - 'Low back pain'

'Understanding pain in less than five minutes'

Dr Jeremy Lewis - 'Rotator Cuff Shoulder Pain: Exercise is as effective as surgery'

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists -  Falls



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It's ODP Day!

It's ODP Day!

May 14 2020

Charlie Howard, Operating Department Practitioner at Southampton Treatment Centre, got in touch to educate us on today’s ODP Day (14th May). Here she tells us what it means to be an ODP.

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A message from Jim Easton, Chief Executive of Care UK Healthcare

March 26 2020

I hope you are keeping well through this unprecedented and uncertain time in which we find ourselves.

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Exercising with a disability

July 2 2020

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